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Young technopreneur, this is infographic of IWIC’s participant from year-to-year which has significant increase! From year 2013 to 2015 number of participant has increased, so if you have an idea and innovation in technology, let’s submit at :

The latest news about IWIC

Want to know what’s appealing about IWIC10 ? Here we will discuss the latest news about IWIC10

Become a Developer in dicoding Academy

Learn to make an application with guidance from the best Indonesian developer and world technology company’s curriculum.
Class is built in collaboration with expert team from Intel, Microsoft, and others.

Attracting in IWIC

Many attractive things will happen in IWIC this year.

Ragunan Zoo and Surabaya Zoo

Every weekend often we’re faced to the question “Where do we want to go this weekend?” Who is from one of you never visited Ragunan Zoo? Mostly everybody has been there.

IWIC 10 Kids Cody’s

Hi friend, IWIC 10 has collaboration with Cody’s App Academy. For those who haven’t know, Cody’s App Academy is the programming learning place for student, begins from first grade in elementary school. Programming is an activity to make a game application or similar.
For you who love game and willing to make your own game, you can learn at Cody’s App Academy, where you can learn to make animations and games in a fun way.
Is it fun when you can make animations and games with your own drawing pictures? Let’s join at IWIC 10 and learn with Cody’s App Academy. Learning can be fun: D


To give a full support to participant candidate of Indosat Ooredoo Wireless Innovation Contest 10 (IWIC 10), Indosat Ooredoo in collaboration with HarukaEdu offers online technopreneurship learning to 100 of IWIC 10’s participants. The goal of Online Class Technopreneurship is to help participant candidate to learn basic tehcnopreneurship knowledge and to upgrading their skills to identify problems and giving the right solution as well as preparing proposal/pitch about their idea in decent way.